[ eat with Meidi ] Crazy White Rabbit Lady in Sydney

by - November 02, 2020

Oh Hi! I know it's been a while since my last post but hey here I am again. Now I'm trying to summarise my current addiction about white rabbit. For those who don't know, White rabbit is a milky candy originally from China and now available in some other flavours like matcha and redbean. Oh! and you are absolutely not crazy if you eat its transparent paper after the bunny wrapper because it's edible (or at least I hope so).
So here you go some of the white rabbit inspired dishes and desserts that you can find in Sydney (disclaimer: some might be not available anymore and some I got from an invite from the place)

1. White Rabbit Ice Cream

Some of you might know my crazy addiction to supermarket aisles. I can spend hours in supermarket and Asian supermarket to explore all those snacks, lollies and desserts. A couple months ago, I WATCHED THIS on Thaikee IGA Instastory and next thing I know, I already in Market City, Haymarket and running to their ice cream section. It was really good, good price and also good portion. I'm not sure about the price now, but it was $9 for 5 pieces of ice cream when I bought it. Just for your information, it is sold out pretty quick, so whenever they are restock make sure you get it to try.

2. White Rabbit Roll Cake

I saw this kind of roll cake for the first time on one of Melbourne Foodie's post. It was a year ago, she posted a cake from @moonshine_au . This year I finally found a similar cake being sold at Bubble nini tea, Central Park branch. Guess what, you know me, I ordered it straight away and voila I turned IIKO's table to my flatlay table (Thanks, Mish). I believe you can still buy the cake in store or contact them first to secure your order. They also have white rabbit cake in a cup version. I like the roll cake better than the cake in a cup version, maybe because on how they packaged the cake but if you want to get more cream in it, I suggest you to try the cake in cup one.

3. White Rabbit DIY Milk Tea

This is just another Asian Supermarket haul. I found these cups at Thaikee IGA, Market city for $2.55. You can also find these DIY milk tea at most Asian Supermarket in Sydney I guess, the price range is $2.55 - $3, yes some other place sell it on higher price. There are 3 different flavours of the White Rabbit DIY Milk Tea, French milktea, Peach oolong milktea and Seasalt cheese milktea. The instruction is actually in Chines, thanks to google translate I got all the directions right. Tips: to make it sweeter pour less water than the suggestion line and I always add on ice cubes.

4. White Rabbit Milk

Milk with "white rabbit candy" flavoured? seems weird? well not really, to be honest the white rabbit candy flavoured is a bit subtle on this milk. It basically just like a normal milk and my serving suggestion, serve it chill to taste the white rabbit stronger. Where to find it? of course Asian Supermarket, I found this for the first time at J&J Asian Supermarket in Mascot.

5. White Rabbit Dorayaki

This is a seasonal flavour from Fujimi Dorayaki. This dorayaki place serves up White rabbit flavour since early 2020 but I just tried this around August, I know I know it's a bit late. The white rabbit flavour is subtle but it is still enjoyable. The flavour called Chucky Creamy Candy and it sold for $4.5 each.

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