#RoundtheworldSYDNEY - Kowloon Cafe, Haymarket - Chinatown (Hong Kong Street Food)

by - March 02, 2021

It's been a year since we officially can't travel around freely because of COVID-19, sad, I know! You will never know how MUCH I MISSED book a flight and do all the impulsive and spontaneous trips. As a result, starting from this post I will have one blog series about "pretending" to travel around the world without even leaving Sydney. I called it #roundtheworldSYDNEY. I will go to different restaurant or cafes who serve different cuisine from all over the world. So buckle UP and enjoy the JOURNEY!!

On this first post from the series, let me take you to a narrow street in Hong Kong, around Kowloon area as I will take you to KOWLOON CAFE, Haymarket

Located exactly on the alley between Dixon street and Sussex street, with those vibrant neon signs and all traditional HK hawker food shop front designs. I admit that they have a big range of menu from snack to main dish. It wasn't my first visit so I've tried some of their other dishes already. 

On this #roundtheworldSYDNEY time me and my friends visited Kowloon for their snacks, and this time theme was EVERYTHING SAVOURY

Here what we ordered;
Swiss Chicken Wings Mix Instant Noodle $15.8
HK Style Steamed Rice Roll with mixed sauce $7.8
Fish Siu Mai $6.8
Curry Fish Balls $6.8
Red Bean Ice $8.8
HK Style Milk Tea (Cold) $6.8

The HK style milk tea is my must buy item every single time I visit this place, I really love their HK milktea and yes with lots of ice.  I do recommend you to try their steamed rice roll, as for me I already familiar with this Cheong fun since my travel time to Singapore and Malaysia, this one also has peanut and soy sauce in their mixed sauce and of course their curry fish balls. 

There is actually another HK famous street food that I really wanna try despite the mixed review, which is Stinky Tofu. I'm not sure on how does it taste but probably want to try that one some day, somee dayy! 

SO where is your go to HK cafe in Sydney?

shop 7A-9A 421-429 Sussex Street, HAYMARKET 

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