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by - April 17, 2017

Welcoming April 2017 means say hi to three long weekends consecutively. I just passed the first one with a one night trip to Bandung. It was really good to visit Bandung again, after my visit on last March. My current addiction is looking for an instgramable hotel whenever I go on trip. This time, I stayed in bed and breakfast hotel in Cicendo area called Triple seven. Here you go the cool and instagramable hotel!

Hotel facade during day time

Hotel facade during night


This hotel is not located on the main road but you do not need to worry, it still really easy to find this hotel through GPS and there is a hotel signage located near the main road. It has a good location, it located in Cicendo area which means this hotel is close to Bandung's airport and Bandung's train station. Looking for a place to eat? hey you don't have to worry, this hotel is quite near to Paskal Food market and some shopping mall like Paris Van Java and Istana Plaza or you can order food from the back alley coffee on the second floor of the hotel's building.

Hotel Tour

grrrrr those wrinkle on the bed were made by my brother
he jumped onto the bed right after I opened the door *put a grumpy face*

Triple seven has several room type with some different themes like, pop art and vintage. Mine is Pop Art Queen room. Its queen room size is enough for two people and it has hot and cold shower just like what I needed. You will also get two complimentary mineral bottles, toiletries, fresh towels and tv cable. Thing to be considered is the bathroom, it has no lock and it can be easily opened a quarter by the wind, lucky me I stayed with my mom and I always held up the door with my feet whenever I need a toilet hahahahahah, unless when I took a shower, I just covered it with shower curtain. 

This hotel has three level, each of the level has a cool mural on stairs area and not to mention its good looking lobby. You might want to spend some time in hotel lobby or the outdoor seating. It has no elevator, if don't really like to climb the stairs you better ask hotel staff to give you lower level room at the beginning. On every corner of the stairs it has a small detail which makes the hotel prettier.

It has coffee shop in the second level which serves some pastries and food. Most of the part of the hotel is dominated by wood and it makes the ambiance felt so comfy and warm. Have you seen the day vs night Hotel facade? which one is the prettiest? I love them both. 

About The Stay

I was quite disappointed when I found out the room which I booked is not look the same as a picture I saw on the online booking site. Anyway, the mistake was not come from the hotel, I'm pretty sure it was a combining error between me (who didn't pay attention to the room type) and the online booking site for putting twin bed room type picture on Queen room type booking page. The staff was really helpful and asked whether I wanted to change the room to another type or not, I directly said no and said "hahaha no need, It wasn't your mistake anyway guys, let me blame myself for not really pay attention to the detail, thank you for your help".

Too bad I can't taste any hotel's food since I booked for room only and decided to get my breakfast outside. I really enjoyed my stay on this hotel and it would be lovely if they could pay more attention to shower curtain, mine is quite grubby but my brother's room was really okay. Last but not least thank you for the staff for letting me used cafe's WiFi since the WiFi on the second floor can't be accessed from my laptop and cellphone so finally I can finished my homework, well...well... whose fault is it to work on holiday anyway?. 

Triple Seven
Jl. Pesantren Wetan No.20
Pandu-Pajajaran, Cicendo, Bandung

*Visited on April 2017

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  1. wah mewahnya meresap dalam hati... thanks reviewnya...

    1. ini termasuk murah tapi loh kak, kemarin pas long weekend aja masih tetep murah, but still musti ada beberapa yg mereka perbaiki juga kalo mau jadi yg lebih bagus lagi

  2. lucu yaaa tempatnya, tapi emang kalo pesen kamar hotel via apps/online kudu baca keterangannya baik-baik. aku juga pernah tuh, foto roomnya suite padahal aku pesen deluxe. udah tau sih bakan dapet deluxe tapi kan pengen tau kamar (dan kamar mandinya) kaya apa hffffft.

    1. ppffft iyaah kezel banget issh kalo sampe g ateliti gara-gara foto doang yah :(