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by - February 27, 2018

Looking for a nice place to spend time with some friend for brunch or waiting for sunset? I think you might want to check Empire Lounge, in Rose Bay, eastern suburb of Sydney. It located next to Rose Bay ferry wharf and makes Empire Lounge can be easily access by Ferry from Circular Quay. 

It was my first time experience to a seaplane terminal and watching a seaplane landing and take-off. This dining has indoor, outdoor and private room areas, I bet you want to sit outside near the seaplane bridge. 

Well, yes I picked outside dining table on the corner although the wind was quite strong because I didn't want to miss the view and of course the seaplane.

Me and my friend ordered Ocean Trout and Spanner Crab for our late lunch and tried their Iced coffee, Mango lime and Berries coconut smoothies. We've been offered a special dessert of the day by the staff and why not? we directly agreed for it.

Here's our table situation, Ocean trout, Spanner crab, smoothies and iced coffee 

It took quite a while to wait for our food, but it really worth it. My Ocean trout was super fresh and yummy, it was basically cured Ocean Trout, served with salmon roe, coriander oil, stracciatella and toasted sourdough. My friend salad was also super fresh with greens, spanner crab, crouton and salad dressing.

For those whose love Mango, I recommended you to try Empire Lounge's Mango Lime Smoothie. You will not miss the kick of lime zest. For Berries and Coconut Smoothie, they used coconut milk on the drink. Well, to be honest I would prefer if they strained the berries seed for the best one (or maybe it's only me). 

And the ultimate special desert we tried was becoming the star of the day. This Black Cherry and Chocolate cake was really the BOOM. I didn't ask about the darkness of the chocolate, but its chocolate was not really sweet which is good and light sweet sour black cherry become a perfect combination. The texture the chocolate cake was similar to mousse except it more dense.

Special chocolate dessert, this one is really nice 

Overall, I really had a nice "late" lunch with a beautiful view and as per my experience this place would be perfect for brunch and the forget to ask their staff for their special dessert. Beside the seafood menu, they also have beef tartare, chicken slider, salads, cheese and charcuterie.

Thank you @thetravellercouple , @ummcom and Empire lounge for this giveaway prize.
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