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by - July 24, 2019

The long wait is over, after 10 years since their opening in Melbourne, finally this Singapore franchise restaurant opened up in Sydney. Located in the heart of Sydney along with their affordable price are their strong points. 

I still remembered my first time eating Chicken Laksa and Iced teh tarik at their Killiner Road branch in Singapore, back in 2012. During their media night, me and my foodie friends got an opportunity to try their best dishes. Yess, yess, this belly can not hardly wait.

They provide 2 self service booths to be used for customers who pay by card and for those who want to pay by cash do not need to worry, they also have the normal cashier to help you out for ordering the dishes. The price range at this restaurant is start from $2.50 - $4.50 for drinks, $3.80 - $18 for the snacks and dishes. See? it is really affordable.

We began our Singaporean food feast with Carrot cake, which actually has no carrot in it, eh then what is it? so it actually used white radish as main ingredient. Basically there are two types of carrot cake, black and white. White is the original one and on Black carrot cake they add sweet soy sauce.

We also tried Mee Pok, Combination Horfun, Seafood Singapore Laksa, Prawn har mee, Nasi Lemak curry chicken, Hainanese chicken rice, Chicken satay (you can choose between 6 pcs or 12 pcs) and Roti prata with Rendang Beef. Ok, take a deep breath first because you might confused on what to try first, hey that also happened to me.

Wait, what is Singapore Laksa? so it is a spicy soup stock flavored with coconut milk and dried shrimp and topped with ingredients of your choice (at this joint you can choose between Hainanese chicken, Seafood, Soft Shell crab or Fried fish fillet). Psst I copied all this info from their menu card, hehehehehe.

To be honest, it is kinda hard to choose which one was my favorite dish as I mostly love all them. Their laksa soup was really rich and well seasoned, their chicken satay was really tender and not to mention the authentic flavor of the Hainanese chicken rice and Nasi Lemak. During your first visit, you might want to try their Hainanese chicken rice and laksa, pssst did I tell you they also have Soft Shell Crab laksa? Oh my, that will become my order on my next visit.

Ah, we also tried their famous Kaya Toast and Durian crepes, is there any Durian fans? show me your hand please? hahahah as I'm not a Durian fans I can not tell you how good was the crepes. I love their Kaya toast and the best pair for this toast is actually hot teh tarik, yup don't forget to other this combo.

For the drinks, I tried their Hot and Iced teh tarik, Iced Milo, Iced lemon tea, Lime plum juice, Barley and Grass Jelly. You might also want to try that Lime plum juice, Barley Drinks and Grass Jelly as they are local favorites. I always buy those drinks on the hawker center in Singapore and it taste the same, oh yaayyy.

Thank you so much @foodblogsmedia and Killiney Kopitiam at Central Park for organising the event, I really enjoyed the feast and can not wait to go back. 

Killiney Kopitiam
RB 001, Lower Ground Floor
28 Broadway

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