#RoundTheWorldSydney - Ezra, Potts Point

by - May 05, 2021

This time, maybe I should say thank you to Instagram sponsored ad because to be honest I knew this place exist when I scrolled down my timeline and found their sponsored ad one. I informed Anna straightaway and nagged to ask her to come with me to try this restaurant. So, let me take you to Tel Aviv Journey through this restaurant.

It located in Potts Point, totally walkable from Kings Cross station. Make sure to make a booking especially during the weekend because it always jam packed!! I like the ambiance of the restaurant, I felt the cozy and warm atmosphere, oh we got the sitting on the back courtyard.

Beside the ala carte menu, they actually have banquet menu for $60++ per person which I might say it is valuable and you might want to try that one next time. But since last time we were not sure what we would like to eat and a bit full (we had an invite at noodle place right before the lunch booking, lol my bad).

Fresh Hummus, radishes, smoked egg $15

Spanner crab falafel, sweet corn & tahini $6 (each)

Jerusalem Bagel $5

Potato Latke, silverbeet, sour cream & salmon roe $22

Wagyu Scotch Filler $48

Malabi: almond milk pannacotta, orang blossom $13

I might say my favorite dish on that day was the Potato Latke. It was my first time trying something like that, I like the texture when it was still a bit crispy on the outside yet tender and smooth on the inside.The salmon roe on the top was absolutely hit and add the flavor even more.

My second favorite item was the pannacotta, I don't know how they extract that "orange blossom" flavour but I SURE REALLY like it. Even without the topping on the top I bet I still love the texture and the flavour really smooth and refreshing. Never had any pannacotta with this kind of flavor before.

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