Hi There!

by - January 19, 2017

New blog? again? no no, this blog actually part of my 2015 job as freelance writer for travelicous Australia, unfortunately I cancelled my hosting subscription and that is why I lost my previous articles. So, what this blog will talk about? still it will also cover with travel, food, lifestyle story with more me in it and everything in between. It will filled with something more personal than my other blog www.geretkoper.com. It will also have article about travel with "personal touch", more me more me, hahahahaha.

Welcome to my blog and hopefully I will consistently using English on all articles (it wasn't my first language, so please be prepare for some grammatical errors and pardon my broken English, LOL) and I will also (hopefully) convert all my English articles on geretkoper.com to Indonesian language soon. Hope you will enjoy it.



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