[ Hotel Review ] - Oliver's Hostelry - Bandung [currently under renovation]

by - March 09, 2017

Have you ever been staying in a hotel with song title as the name of the room? I did. Located in Bandung, Oliver's Hostelry is a one-of-a-kind hotel which has room's name and theme based on song title. During its soft opening week in 2015, Oliver's had 50% off room rate promo which surely I don't want to miss. In just few hours, I decided to call the hotel and booked the room for next week end. I booked train tickets right after I got the room. It became my first time train ride to Bandung wooohoooo.

I took 3 hours and 15 minutes from Jakarta to Bandung by train, safe and sound. I can't drive which means I need to take local transportation (angkot) to reach Ciumbuleuit, too bad the motorcycle online apps haven't exist in Bandung on 2015. It turned out I can reached the hotel just by rode one angkot to Ciumbuleuit from Bandung Train station, what a relief, right? OK it is a plus point, you can reach this hotel by public transportation. Well, you need to walk a bit to reach the hotel though with a little uphill street.

Hotel Tour

Oliver's Hostelry picked earthy colors for its interior and exterior. I amazed and fall in love with this hotel at the first sight. It has a unique facade like no other, with those brick wall. This hotel is only has two level with 18 rooms in total which has different theme on each room, how cool is that?. It was a smooth check-in and hotel staff asked me about my breakfast menu selection soon after I got my room card. I stayed all by myself but he asked if I wanted to get two different menu and I agreed hahahahaha. The area in front of the front office is cafe, it has pretty indoor and outdoor seating. well although breakfast will be served in your room but you can bring them up to this area he said. 

Hotel Room

Welcome to my 211 room with Old Cape Cod code name. Actually this name was taken form an old song title from Patti Page which released in 1957. My room has a jungle and lake concept (I think) with all those boat miniatures on the top of the bed and leaves wallpaper. The room is quite spacious for two. The facilities are complete from toiletries, tv cable, complimentary mineral water, WiFi, and fresh towel. There were notes, tv guide and hotel guide on the side table, super complete with list things to do in Bandung and what is close to the hotel. There was also a card for weather forecast.

You don't want to miss every single detail on the room and this is so Instagram worthy, or should I called it Instagramable? 

  Can you spot those cool desk lamp and stool?

Breakfast Time

 Remember when I said the breakfast is served in your room? yep, you heard it right. Soon after you got your own room card, hotel staff will ask you breakfast menu and what time would you like to get your breakfast. During the chosen time, they will deliver your food right to your door. 

Here'are what I've got, a complete meal for two people, yes two people. I got one bowl of rice meal, one bowl of cereal, one bowl of fruits, one cup of coffee, one cup of tea, a bottle of milk for the cereal and soft-boiled egg. Just looking at the size, I'm pretty sure I can finish all the meal, except for the coffee, I don't drink black coffee in the morning.  

 Overall, I really enjoyed my stay in Oliver's and would really love to come back for another room type. I saw there is a cute pink room and Northern sky room with constellation wallpaper on it. 

Jl. Panumbang Jaya No.5
Ciumbuleuit, Bandung
Ph: +62 22 82065241 - 242

*Visited on September 2015

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  1. ih instagram-able bangetttttt <3 cucok nih. thank you for the review :)

    1. Sama-sama, tapi sayangnya hotelnya lagi tutup untuk renovasi dan akan hadir dengan konsep baru nih