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by - March 23, 2017

If you traveling to Sydney, you will easily find some places named "hotel" in the middle of the city which actually a bar with a few room for staying or even there are some "hotel" which just a bar without any space for accommodation (why do they named a bar after a hotel name at the first place?). I passed this Old Clare Hotel building so many times whenever I went back to apartment from Central station. First thing, came to my mind was It just another "bar" type building with "hotel" named and I was just like "Nahh, nothing so special about it". One day I found an article from NY Times about 52 Places to Go in 2016 and on Sydney section, they mentioned about this hotel which I just figured it out that it really a hotel to stay in with unique concept.

The Old Clare Hotel runs under Unlisted Collection company who known for its properties in Singapore. It has mission to give a new live into heritage building and yes no wonder all of the properties are old-heritage buildings. Unlisted Collection combined two heritage-listed building which are Clare Hotel pub and The Carlton & United Breweries Administration Building to become their first project in Sydney, Australia. 

Connell Room

Situated on Kensington street and just a couple walk away from Central Park shopping mall and Spica Alley food district, makes this Hotel a great option for travelers to stay. It has 62 rooms in total with 8 different room types, from Connell room, Abercrombie room, Clare room, Chippendale loft, Showroom suite, Mary O' Suite, C.U.B suite and Double date with Old Clare Room. It also has handicapped room in Connell room type.

can't help to take a pic, LOL 

image source (Old Clare Hotel)

image source (Old Clare Hotel)

The company wants to keep some of the building with its original situation. It keeps some of the area as it was and changed some other side with modern touch. In each room, you will found some parts of the old building.

image source (Old Clare Hotel)

image source: (Old Clare Hotel)

Beside its building, this hotel also has unique features inside each room, starts from their PSLAB pendants lights, one of a kind the Rag & Bone desk lamp in each room and custom cushions cover designed by former UTS student Eloise Rapp. Can't hardly with to stay in this Hotel, right?

The Old Clare Hotel
1 Kensington Street 
Chippendale NSW 2008

*Visited on June 2016

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